bow1 [bau] v
to bend the top part of your body forward in order to show respect for someone important, or as a way of thanking an ↑audience
She bowed and left the stage.
Corbett entered the room, bowing respectfully.
The servant bowed low and handed his master the sealed note.
bow before/to
He bowed before the king.
2.) bow your head
to bend your neck so that you are looking at the ground, especially because you want to show respect for God, or because you are embarrassed or upset
She bowed her head and prayed.
Phil stood there, his head bowed in shame.
3.) [I and T]
to bend your body over something, especially in order to see it more closely
bow over
Teague sat at his desk, bowed over a book.
4.) [I and T]
to bend or to make something bend
The trees bowed in the wind.
He made his way up the steep stairs, his back bowed under the weight of the heavy bag.
5.) bow and scrape
to show too much respect to someone in authority - used to show disapproval
bow down [i]phr v
1.) to bend your body forward, especially when you are already kneeling, in order to show respect
bow down before/to etc
Maria entered the room and bowed down before the statue.
Come, let us bow down in worship .
2.) bow down to sb
literary to let someone give you orders or tell you what to do - used to show disapproval
bow out phr v
1.) to stop taking part in an activity, job etc, especially one that you have been doing for a long time
bow out of
Reeves thinks it is time for him to bow out of politics.
2.) to not do something that you have promised or agreed to do
= ↑get out of bow out of
You're not trying to bow out of this, are you?
bow to / [bow to sb/sth] phr v
to finally agree to do something that people want you to do, even though you do not want to do it
Congress may bow to public pressure and lift the arms embargo.
Myers finally bowed to the inevitable (=accepted something he could not change) and withdrew from the campaign.
bow 2
bow2 [bau] n
the act of bending the top part of your body forward to show respect for someone when you meet them, or as a way of thanking an ↑audience
take/give a bow
(=bow to the audience at the end of a performance)
The music ended and the girl took a bow.
He gave a final bow just as the curtains came down.
This is done with a formal bow to the king or queen.
2.) also bows [plural]
the front part of a ship
→↑stern, yacht ↑yacht
bow 3
bow3 [bəu] n
↑bow, ↑violin, ↑present
1.) a weapon used for shooting ↑arrows, made of a long thin piece of wood held in a curve by a tight string
a bow and arrow
2.) a knot of cloth or string with a curved part on either side, and two loose ends, worn in the hair as decoration or for tying ↑shoelaces
Ella wore a bow in her hair.
in a bow
long chestnut hair tied back in a bow
3.) a long thin piece of wood with a tight string fastened along it, used to play musical instruments such as the ↑violin or ↑cello
have more than one string to your bow atstring1 (8)
bow 4
bow4 [bəu] v
[I and T]
to play a piece of music on a musical instrument with a ↑bow 3

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